Obituary on parapsychologist H. Berendt by Peter Mulacz


Heinz Ch. BERENDT 1911 – 1996

By W. Peter MULACZ

Lino-Cut (Self-Portrait)

In the Feb/June 1995 issue of the PA News, Heinz Berendt submitted his Suggestions for Convention Presenters. Apparently, this has been his final contribution to our field, and his appearance at the Amsterdam Convention (1994) has been his last one. Our colleague and friend Heinz Chaim Berendt died in Jerusalem on 2nd Nov, 1996.

A short biographical note on Heinz Berendt is found in the above quoted issue of our PA News to which I refer.

To this I would like to add two aspects, one referring to his parapsychological achievements, the other one to his personality: Heinz was not only interested in art, music and fine arts alike, he was also a gifted artist himself, mainly in drawing and linol cuts, during his last years also in sculpturing.

In the field of parapsychology, his primary activity of research during the last twenty or so years was Paranormal Metal Bending. In Rony Marcus (1) of Jerusalem, he had discovered one of the rare subjects who maintained the ability of PMB in his adult life. Heinz tried to establish PMB as a standardisedly reproducible experiment, and he left behind a good documentation of these phenomena on video tapes and numerous pieces of cutlery and other metal objects bent by Rony and a few others of his subjects.



1Addendum  (on-line version only):

It appears that Rony has lost most of his "powers" or "abilities" since.  On PMB-tests, he now resorts to trickery, although he still shows a few inexplicable effects, mainly on watches.   [Back to text]

ã Peter MULACZ


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