Wiener Parapsychische Bibliothek

'Jnternationale ... '  =  original spelling (supposed to read 'Internationale')   


Viennese Parapsychical Library



List of publications of this series
(jointly edited with the German series ’Die okkulte Welt’ [‘The Occult World’])

Pfullingen: Johannes Baum [no year]  



  l.       Tartaruga, U.:      
Miracles of Clairvoyance. New Retroscopic Experiments.  


  2.       Schneider, C.:      
The Relation of Contemporary Science towards Parapsychic Phenomena. 


  3.       Winkler, F.:    
Healing by Education. Pedagogic Psychogymnastics. Persuasion and Couéism.


  4.       Mißriegler, A.:      
The Psychology of Suggestion.


  5.       Schmid, R.:                    
The Luminescence of the Human Body.


  6.       Laszky, L.:                     
The Magnetic Forces of Man and the Practice of Magnetic Healing.


  7.       Blacher, C.:                   
The Occult Facts from the Viewpoint of Science.


  8.       Sudre, R.:                         
The Struggle for Parapsychology.


  9.       Schulhof, F.:               
Sensitives and Mediums – are they Hysterics?


10.       Brandl, F.:                   
Man as a Cosmic Phenomenon. The Idea of Materialization in the Universe.


11.       Tartaruga, U.:                 
New Miracles of Hypnosis.


12.       Wimmer, A.:  
On Possession.


13.       Tengler, R.:  
You in Me and Me in You. Mystical Vision and Thinking.


14.       Grön, F.:  
Miraculous Cures.


15.       Schmid, R.:  
Life and Spontaneous Generation.


16.       Finkler, W.:  
The Rebirth of Parts. Phenomena of Regeneration.


17.       Schneider, C. C.:  
The Evolvement of the Supersensual from Life. Biology and Occultism.


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